How Picking Berries Made Me a Better Mom

farm 1

It was a beautiful sunny morning and we decided to take advantage of our CSA membership at Honeybrook Organic Farm and go strawberry picking.   As we drove over, we went through the rules with our two kids: “Don’t stomp on the plants, pick only the berries that are all red, no fighting or yelling.”  Keep […]

Feeling Worldly at Cost Plus World Market


So there I was, shopping in the market, sipping a refreshing iced Pomegranate soda to the Brazilian bossa nova beat of The Girl from Impanema. For a short while, I was transported to some exotic getaway clear across the globe. In reality, I was in the gourmet market aisle of Cost Plus World Market’s Grand Opening in Livingston, […]

I made this: Nacho Libre Six Layer Salad

I made this.

This bowl of deliciousness is inspired by the movie Nacho Libre, which gets a lot of air time in my house. Jack Black plays Ignacio, a sad monk moonlighting as a Mexican Luchador who lives in a monastery, works in the orphanage and makes tasty salads for the children. For some reason, my kid loves the salad […]

Who Brought the Dip?


On special occasions, whether it’s a birthday or holiday, I always make whom ever it may be, a special meal.  On Fathers’ Day my husband’s only request was that I make that gooey, cheesy buffalo chicken dip for him.  You know, the one with the cream cheese AND blue cheese dressing – the not-so-healthy-one?  I […]