Jersey Book Lovers – Check This Out!


Book people — there’s a brand-new festival coming to New Jersey! It’s for you, your spouse, your kids, your ‘rents, your best friend. (But mostly for you. Come on, you deserve a little time splurge, don’t cha?!) It’s happening this weekend, September 26 – 27, in downtown Morristown. Twenty-one fantastic authors will be there, holding […]

Beginnings, Endings, and the Pages in Between (Or Why I’ll Never Love Reading e-Books)

Books 001

I recently started a new job, leaving behind a complicated workplace where I’d spent a little over a year and come to bond very deeply with my fellow inmates. Saying goodbye — even knowing full well I’ll see everyone again the very next time happy hour is convened — was unexpectedly painful. Why, I wondered, as a […]

Dear Younger Self — You May Be Shocked to Hear …

shocked baby

Raising children reminds you, at times, of your own childhood. You see your kids floating along in their own little bubbles of reality — blissfully unaware of the great big world just waiting to overtake them in a tsunami of endless worry, doubt, guilt, fear and every other swampy emotion that seems specially packaged for […]

First Annual Hot Celebrity Dads DVD Festival


We’ve all heard about MILFs and the passion they inspire in so many men. Having just cruised through Father’s Day weekend, it seems like a perfect time to celebrate the DILFs and their equally sizzling hotness. As a woman of a certain age, who also happens to be an entertainment junkie, I’m finding it increasingly […]

The Indignity of the Office Space


Nothing much changes in the great big world of human interaction. The last time I had a “real” job (translation: one that required me to be in an office, wear pants with constricting fasteners, and actually complete assigned tasks within a regular timeframe) there was not yet such a thing as Facebook and no one […]