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RGHEadShotWhen Cristie was relocating to New Jersey from the suburbs of Washington, DC she wondered why all her neighbors who were native New Jersians were so vocal about their envy of her move. She has been in the Garden State for just over a year and she gets it already. I mean who doesn’t love a place where you never have to pump gas in the rain?

Relocating her three kids, while filming a reality television show for HGTV inspired Cristie to start blogging at The Traveling Circus – there were just too many crazy stories to share    In her previous life, Cristie earned a Master’s degree in Literacy Education and worked as both a public school Reading Specialist and Private school 8th grade English teacher-which may not be obvious when she overuses punctuation and makes up words on her blog.  After baby number two, Cristie realized she personally couldn’t take care of her own kids if she kept leaving her heart at school with her classroom kids, so she left the noble teaching profession and has never looked back.  Now, Cristie shuttles her own cherubs to and fro in Monmouth County and attempts to maintain her sanity while “keeping house” and running a business that thankfully forces her to stay up on current fashion and gets her out of workout clothes every day.

Cristie writes about everything from the music that fuels her, to parenthood to pop culture. (Including the MTV and Bravo reality shows that she watches to unwind-don’t judge.) As an avid reader, Cristie shares her love of books on From Left to Write, a collective blog for book fiends like her. She has written for the former Silicon Valley/New Jersey Moms Blog, where her work was syndicated in newspapers owned by The McClatchy Company. Cristie has also contributed to Working Mother Magazine’s Blog.   Cristie is a member of The Yahoo! Motherboard and was featured as one of Yahoo! Shine’s Reinvention stories in 2010 for her year of Evolution. Cristie shared her story of how she turned around her family’s near-dire financial situation and set them on a path toward financial security and growth. This money evolution also spiraled into a total makeover that got this self-proclaimed gym hater up and exercising daily. The weight loss continues today!

Cristie’s journey has inspired her to share her stories of managing finances, fitness, family and her sense of self in the hope of helping other women evolve as well. She is thrilled to be a founding member of the fabulous community that is Jersey Moms Blog and proud to call New Jersey home.


VteGfmMKTeicia studied Fine Arts and Marketing in college and post-grad ..ehem..’94, began her budding adventure, traveling worldwide and building her marketing and design career in Broadcast Media.

In Sept 08 Teicia gave birth to her second son AND started a major home renovation. Lots of stuff happened in between…house, husband, son#1.  In Dec 09 Teicia became a corporate downsize statistic after working 15+ years for a large media company (thru 3 acquisitions) as a broadcast graphics designer>segment marketing manager specializing in content creation, community forums, brand management, demand generation and social media. While the parting was bittersweet, it afforded this working mommy a much needed work/life reset. If only that Staples campaign was real.

While reevaluating and job-hunting, Teicia discovered the joy of heading to the library with the kids, morning coffee in downtown Red Bank after school drop-off, a semi-clean home and other artistic endeavors that daytime hours affords.

Founding JerseyMomsBlog with friends has been inspiring. Not every day you get a chance to mix your favorite things into one project. So when the opportunity surfaced to start this powerful resource for mothers, she jumped forward with both feet. She loves growing and nurturing this community in additon to other marketing endeavors.