Top 10 Gross-Out Halloween Goodies!


Having a Halloween Bash? Bring one of these daring dishes and see who has the heart to dig in. Warning: This really tips creepy scale. Not for the kiddie table. Proceed at your own risk.


1. Ear Wax Pops.

These are so wrong in every way imaginable but after you get beyond the gag-reflex, we’re sure they’re pretty tasty. Try’em and let us know.

2. Bloody Shooters.

Down the Hatch! Get the recipe here and gross out your party guests.

3. Monster Digits.

As they say… never bite off more than you can chew. Learn how to make this perfect finger food.

4. Pumpkin Puke.

It’s all in the props and the presentation so give it your best shot. Substitute your favorite Artichoke Spinach dip for added texture.

5. For the Meat Lover.

Gotta “hand it to you”, this one’s creative and filling. The onion bone really brings it. Find this foul recipe here.

6. Kitty Liter Cake.

Calling all cat lovers! This one takes commitment and props are a must! Serve up this stinky number in lined liter pan over newspaper with a pooper scooper and watch your guest squirm. I can vouch for this since I made it for my nephew’s Halloween birthday. It draws a crowd. Just keep the cat away.

7. Stuffed Cockroaches.

Yeah. I’ll probably keep a safe distance from these buggy bites for fear they’ll attack. They look very easy to make but I’ll leave that up to someone else.

Still reading? If we haven’t offended your fine taste yet… keep going for even creepier culinary ideas.

8. Tapeworm Hoagies.

I didn’t think it was possible to find more disgusting halloween dinner options but here’s one I think my kids will LOVE. Grab a recipe for these bad boys here. 

9. Cured Epidermis.

Off with his head! Well this is one way to serve a fine, Italian Proscuitto. This is one memorable deli platter. Learn how here.


10. There are no words…

….except… If you’re having a Halloween-themed Baby Shower, then this one’s for you. Or choose from a list of 10 more recipes.


  1. These are so awesomely gross!

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