Where did my baby go? Oh yeah…to Kindergarten!

After 6 years of wanting to turn the clock forward, to see what ‘A’ will be like when she is *insert age here*, there are now some days where I want to turn the clock back. She started Kindergarten this year and it has been such a huge step for her…and for me! She loves everything about Kindergarten so far and I love that she loves it. Her school and teacher are great and she shows signs almost daily of becoming more and more grown up, more and more independent, more and more showing signs that she is now a Big Kid and leaving behind any sign of the baby I once had. Sometimes I long for those days of infant cooing and cuddling and the smell of Johnson & Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion.

With that said, I look at the other side. What has been a huge year of change for her has been one for me as well. With how fast “A” went from Baby to Big Girl, I went from diaper-changing-bottle-feeding-spit-up-wearing-no-makeup-always-in-comfy-pants-wanting-to-be-Donna-Reed-but-so-not-happening-Mommy (with the ‘my’) to the Class-PTO-Cookie-Dance-sometimes-makeup-most-of-the-time-in-comfy-pants-wanting-to-be-Donna-Reed-but-settling-for-Marge-Simpson-Mom (no ‘my’). It has become a very busy, non-stop life, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Even on the days where I want to pull my hair out from fighting with said Big Girl, I am still proud of the way The Hubs and I are raising her and the Big Girl she is becoming.

Now if I could just get the dog to behave…

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