But I Don’t Want to Diet! And Hurricane Sandy Ain’t Helping

My pants don’t fit. It’s really that simple. I’m forcing the zippers, buttons, snaps to close and walking out of the house wondering when they are going to fly open and pop — sending a projectile across the room and hitting someone in the eye.

It’s like something out of a TV commercial, only this is me facing my closet every morning and then struggling into something. Ugh. In the past I feel like I have been able to rein it in, and Weight Watchers has worked for me in the past. But this time, I just can’t seem to get into it. Part of it might be because I have been doing it (or, not doing it) online.

I already do everything else online, alone in my home office, so maybe that is part of the problem. Also – there’s the fact that I have a huge appetite and always have. Also, I love baked goods. I also have food sensitivities, so when I am trying to be good, that means staying away from dairy and wheat. So when I do get my hands on something wheat and dairy free — I tend to go a little hog wild. Those dairy free “ice cream” bars get gobbled up. And now with the holidays approaching it is only going to get harder.

It doesn’t help that I am lazy. I love going to the gym, but not until the work out is over. I’m like a kid you can’t get into the bath who, once in, has an awesome time and doesn’t want to leave. Getting myself to actually go to the gym is a huge hurdle. And not too far from the gym is this incredible French style bakery that opened up…

This morning I put on a pair of my favorite pants and struggled to close them. I think part of this is getting older. Also, I just don’t want to eat carrots and celery all day. But the weight thing is starting to get me down. So, I am going to do something I haven’t done in more than 10 years: I am going to look for a weight loss meeting to join — you know, the kind with the public weigh in.

Wish me luck. I am going to need it because next week is Halloween and the house is going to be overrun with candy.

Hurricane Sandy Update: Right now we can’t go anywhere due to the “Frankenstorm” bearing down on us. In a burst of social activity, we had some friends over for a brunch on Sunday. I made our favorite coffee cake (banana and sour cream and chocolate chips) and my husband made TWO Quiches. And we had fruit salad….I ate everything in sight. Now we are stuck here and we’ve had more of that, plus some sandwiches and hot chocolate. I may come out of this GAINING weight. My friends with kids are worried about running out of food. I’m worrying about not getting any exercise and stuffing my face!

This is an original Jersey Moms Blog post. Theta Pavis is an editor and poet who lives in Jersey City and is trying not to buy sweatpants. She blogs about cooking for her family at www.kashachaos.com.

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