To Bunk or Not To Bunk?

Right now, my two girls (Lily, 3.5 years, and Celine, 2 years) have their own bedrooms and both sleep in regular beds. Celine’s is just a twin mattress on the floor, while Lily’s bed is our pre-children queen bed on a frame. Eventually we will need to buy furniture for their rooms.

It seems logical to try to put them in a room together—Lily’s bedroom is certainly big enough for two, and it would open up Celine’s very small bedroom to be a play area. And as far as beds, my husband wants to fulfill his lifelong dream for bunkbeds through his children. He immediately sees the fun side of bunking, like making a fort with the bedsheets.

But I see:

  • Fall hazards
  • Arguments over who gets which bunk
  • An even longer bedtime routine if both are not ready for bed at the same time (Celine still naps)
  • Pain in butt to make/change the top bed

I ask you, Jersey Moms, what’s your experience with bunkbeds and shared bedrooms?

This is an original post for Jersey Moms Blog by Darla, a New Jersey mom.

Photo credit given to BunkBedspedia.

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    We are at the same point… with the same ideas. My 6 year old’s room is MUCH bigger. The 3 year old is ready for a ‘big girl bed’… makes logical sense to put them in the big room together leaving the little room for a playroom. I also have the same concerns.

    I can’t wait to hear what others have to say!

  2.' says

    I am a PA mom but I can address your one concern. There is special bedding to make “bed making” easier for bunks. Bunk bed huggers and attached sheet sets work great on these beds. If you want to see some of them on a bed, visit my blog at Most bunk beds can be separated into two beds so if you try it and it doesn’t work, you still have 2 beds. I would make sure the kids know the rules and abide by them. Maxtrix makes a safer ladder to climb on. The better the bed, the better the safety features. Just some thoughts.

  3.' says

    I recently created a squidoo lens to show bunk beds with typical bedding and those with bunk bed huggers. The huggers make a huge difference in how the bed looks and they actually make the bed safer. Loose, draping bedding can be a safety hazard. To see the lens, visit I don’t think I had it completed when I posted on July 27, 2011 above.

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