Tantastic Trifle

This week and last, in honor of Mother’s Day, we are sharing our mother’s and grandmother’s best recipes.

Nothing says summer to me like my Mom’s Trifle.  Perhaps the only resemblance it has to the traditional trifle created by the British is that it has layers. Otherwise, this version has a nice 1970’s North Jersey backyard barbeque vibe and brings me right back to hazy summer days running through our sprinkler.  I suppose I could update it and make it organic and healthy, but really, I love it just the way it is. Now to just lube up with some baby oil and Sun-In and lay in my driveway with some aluminum foil up to my face.

Mom’s Tantastic Trifle

1 Entenmenn’s Pound Cake

1 small package of cherry jello

1 small vanilla pudding (instant is okay but I prefer the regular)

1 large can of sliced peaches in heavy syrup

1 pint of heavy cream

A little confectionary sugar

  1. Crumble the pound cake into the bottom of a large glass bowl
  2. Make the jello according to the package directions but substitute 1 cup of the peach syrup for the 1 cup of cold water.  Do not let the jello set.  Immediately pour it onto the pound cake and let it soak in.
  3. Then layer about 3/4 of the canned peaches
  4. Make the vanilla pudding according to the package directions and once it cools, layer that on top of the peaches.
  5. Whip the heavy cream with a little of the confectionary sugar.  Then layer the whipped cream on top of the pudding.
  6. Decorate the top with the remaining peaches.

This is an original post for Jersey Moms Blog by Amy Griffiths, a New Jersey mom.

Photo credit given to Petit Chef.

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  1. brentoma@msn.com'Brenda Milouchev says

    Amy, thanks for sharing this recipe. I always wondered what this was called when I saw it at BBQs.

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