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Movie Time with Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 Review and #MallCopMoms

We recently attended a Mamarazzi® event screening of the hilarious yet wholesome Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. Who can resist a fun day out in NYC with the family. But we were thrilled the event would … [Read More...]


Teaching Kids Money Matters

This post is written in cooperation with Boiling Springs Savings Bank. All opinions are my own.  One thing I vowed to do as a parent was teach my children to handle money so that they didn't … [Read More...]


Finding Your Happy

I love the new(ish) silly expression, " I have all the feels". I have a few friends who use it and while it seems a little vague (and goofy) to me it is so descriptive because lately, I have had all … [Read More...]


Middle School Angst

My younger son is smack in the middle of seventh grade, and until a few days ago, I thought he was succeeding at getting through middle school unscathed. I wasn’t able to achieve this, but as with … [Read More...]


It’s Back

The other night, I ate chocolate while lying flat on my back. Before you TLC producers contact me to appear on the next season of My 600-lb Life, please note that this is due to a back problem, not an … [Read More...]


We Break for Science Fun! A Liberty Science Center Giveaway #SpringBreakLSC

Learn about our Liberty Science Center event and enter to win tickets for your family below! While STEM (or STEAM) is a new structure to school curriculum, I've been coming to Liberty Science … [Read More...]


Oh no! The Circus is in town!

I might have lied to my children and told them I was an animal activist in order to not have to sit through the circus. The truth is, I cannot handle the experience. Who is REALLY behind that clown … [Read More...]


Living with MS: Accommodating Your Life

My sister, Marcie is 20 years my senior and has shown me, for nearly my entire life, what it is to be a trailblazer. She was an athlete before women were "allowed" to be athletes. Then she was a … [Read More...]


Bigger Than His MS #MSAwareness

I have a remarkable sister... and brother-in-law. Having MS is only a small part of who he is. Today's Guest post is by my twin sister and better half, Michelle.  You’re told you have Multiple … [Read More...]


TEDxNavesink Draws Change-Makers to Monmouth U

Raise your hand if you've ever been in the audience of someone with something compelling to say.  (Put your hand down if you're thinking of your last Springsteen concert.) Ok, yes, Bruce is compelling … [Read More...]


What To Really Expect

I remember watching “The Baby Story” every single day during my first pregnancy. I memorized the book “What to Expect When You Are Expecting”, and pretty much every pregnancy book out there at the … [Read More...]



I always dreamed that I would have a LOT of children. Nearly every job I have had, from the time I was 14, revolved around little ones. Baby sitter, school employee, child life specialist, nanny, camp … [Read More...]


Dear Jessi

We said goodbye to you last night. You were 36. We watched your boys smile while looking at your life's photographs draped across the room like a knitted blanket of love. We listened to your … [Read More...]


Just Sayin’

Hot sun  What fun Soft sand How grand Blue sea For me High tide Surf side Beach babe In shade Undress Top less No finds Tan lines Swim suit… pursuit He sports Tight … [Read More...]