Swap P%rn

I hate stuff. I hate my stuff, and I hate your stuff, too. My dream home is a teepee. Or at least one of those tiny houses <250 square feet where our kitchen island is our dining table is our … [Read More...]


I’m Done.

Everyone I know is bemoaning the end of Summer. The kids don't want to go back to school, teachers don't want to return to work, and moms are complaining about having a steady routine again and the … [Read More...]

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The Sleepover

“Mom, can we have a sleepover?” When my children were small, I used to think that the only way I’d let them sleep over someone else’s house was over my dead body. I could not imagine giving over my … [Read More...]


Truly Scary Campfire Stories

My family recently returned from our yearly camping trip to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. We slept mere yards from a cool ice-carved lake, dined next to a babbling rock-strewn feeder brook, and … [Read More...]